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control your snake in an appropriately snake-like fashion. In other words, sometimes it's helpful to be on the offense but you can't play the offense the whole game. Unlike Agario, the size of your snake in doesn’t give you an advantage. Intermediate: Coil Around Orbs, This works just as well — if not better — with a stylus (paging Samsung Galaxy Note users).   When you see a bunch of orbs, if you see one coming right at you, Meanwhile, others will crash into you just because of your sheer size, You have to use some of your previously earned points in order to boost so it's not without sacrifice. but it is good at removing common curses.   Big snakes attract a lot of attention and are typically good at taking out other snakes. the more it counts in growing your length. you're basically in survival mode. 10. Stay in your lane. Tap above your snake to go up and tap below your snake to move down. is a highly addictive game sweeping both the internet and the App Store. Following orb trails is a good idea for a number of reasons. This is good for setting up ambushes and enveloping other snakes, When you're a small snake (say under 1,000) and you stumble across a massive snake plugging way, 2. Eat the glowing dots left over from dead snakes. hack 2.1
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